Accidents Involving Company Vehicles

In this blog post, we are going to talk about commercial vehicle accidents. That means any type of accident involving any type of vehicle that is owned by a business or operated by an employee of that business in the activities related to that business. The two main questions we’ll answer today are: When is a business responsible for an accident? And how is a vehicle accident claim involving a business different from a normal accident claim?

Valerie Wyatt, a client of Michles & Booth

Client Profile: Valerie Wyatt

After serving our country for 42 years, Valerie Wyatt, our April Client of the Month, was denied Social Security Disability. Strapped with responsibilities and battling health issues, Valerie, for the first time in her life, asked for help.

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Medical Bills LOP (Letters of Protection)

I want to talk about something that’s pretty widely misunderstood in our industry and that’s how medical bills get paid when insurance runs out or insurance is not available.

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The 5 Step Process To Know If You Qualify For Social Security Disability

When I’m talking to someone when they first come to see me, they always ask “Do I even qualify for benefits?” “How does this process go?” “How do we win and get awarded benefits?” To answer these questions, I’m going to walk you through the process that the Social Security uses which is called the five step sequential process for awarding disability benefits. What sequential means is that you must pass each step as you go in order to move onto the next step.

Courthouse Concealed Carry

Good morning I’m Marcus Michles. Welcome back to the Michles & Booth video blog. You know for many of you I bet you didn’t know that the legislative session is back together for 2017. A lot of times we don’t pay attention to laws until their past and we don’t pay that much attention to the process. But I get…

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Motorcycle Accidents

Good morning, I’m Marcus Michles and welcome to this week’s edition of our video blog here at Michles & Booth. We talked a little bit about motorcycles this morning and some disturbing news to come out of the national traffic and Highway Safety Administration. These statistics that were recently made available aren’t for 2016 therefore 2015 they learned about a…

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Injury Claims Involving Minors

One of the most difficult moments in any parent’s life is when they see their child being injured. Whether or not it’s playing in the backyard by themselves or with a friend, playing on a school sports team, or if they’re in a car, in that moment when a parent realizes that their child’s been hurt, nothing else matters. The only thing the parent is concerned about is whether or not their child is going to be okay, whether they’re going to get right back up and get back in the game, whether they need to shake it off, or whether it’s something more significant and that child needs to get medical attention, or rush to see a doctor.


Client Profile: Dawn Howell

At Michles & Booth, P.A. we take pride in our “aggressive and compassionate” approach to your case. Although we work swiftly, we never lose sight of what’s truly important. We want you to be heard and cared for. Our February 2017 Client of the Month, Ms. Dawn Howell, is truly amazing. Faced with more than her share of misfortune, we’re…

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As a passenger in a car accident, you have more options for insurance coverage

Injury Claims Involving Passengers in Car Accidents

Whether or not you’re riding in your own car but somebody else is driving, or you’re riding in a friend or a coworker’s car, if you’re involved in a car accident and you’re a passenger in a car, there are certain bits of information that you need to find out as quickly as possible in order to help protect your…

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Client Profile: Janice Thomas & Anthony Claxton

When Anthony & Janice were rear ended by a drunk driver, they turned to the people they trusted for advice for help, which lead them to Michles & Booth. Learn more about their situation and how we were able to help them.

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