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Guidance Through A Trucking Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a trucking accident, you need immediate access to a trucking accident attorney. Truck drivers work for large corporations and are often insured under a commercial policy that the company they work for selects. Commercial insurance policies are not like your standard motor vehicle policy and are often long and confusing. Large trucking corporations may employ tactics to avoid responsibility and not give you the best offer your case deserves. These are reasons you should call the experienced trucking accident attorneys of Michles & Booth today to help you navigate the confusing waters of trucking accidents.

Causes of Trucking Accidents

Truck drivers have difficult and challenging jobs. Long hours operating a large 18-wheeler can take its toll. But having a stressful job is no excuse to not follow the regulations governing their industry. Our trucking accident attorneys have an extensive understanding of the rules that dictate the amount of time truck drivers are allowed to be on the road and the number of breaks that they should be taking. Falling short of those laws can lead to catastrophic semi wrecks. There are many causes of trucking accidents, including:

• Driver fatigue: Tired drivers are less alert and are the number one cause of trucking accidents.

• Negligent driving: Certain speeds must be maintained by truck drivers when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Montana weather can change in minutes, especially on snowy mountain passes.

• Improper truck maintenance: Failure to inspect the brakes and improper tire inflation can lead to blowouts and increased stopping distances. Cost cutting will eventually cause crashes.

• Alcohol and drug use: Drinking and driving or taking different drugs to stay awake can greatly impair a driver’s reaction time. As many as 35 percent of truck drivers may be using drugs to stay awake and to get sleep as well. 100,000 pounds can become a deadly missile in an instant.

• Improper truck loading: Loads can shift during transportation and cause fatal accidents if not properly secured. Unsafe loading could also lead to workers compensation claims.

What will a trucking accident attorney seek to collect?

The common items involved in a negotiated settlement are:
 Loss of wages: this includes current wages and future earnings.
 Medical bills: both past, current, and future expenses.
 Compensation for physical or emotional pain and suffering.
 Compensation for loss of companionship.

Partner with Experts to Build Your Truck Accident Claim

At Michles and Booth, we are trucking accident attorneys who utilize the best experts in the industry to better represent you in court. Accident reconstructionists tell the story of how the accident happened. Detailed analysis of the truck’s black box will provide data on speed and braking. Reviewing log books and other driving and employment records help us dig a little deeper. The laws of physics don’t lie and never change. The attorneys of Michles & Booth will go to battle against large trucking companies on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a trucking accident, the attorneys of Michles & Booth will fight to protect your interests against the largest trucking companies in the business. Call today a free consultation.


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