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From the time a rookie adjuster is assigned his first claim, Claim Severity is the Sword of Damocles that will hang over his head for his entire career with the insurance company. Claim severity is simply the average cost, per claim, per coverage, per exposure. Each accident is one claim. If, in that accident, there is a PIP claim, a collision coverage claim and three Bodily Injury claims (driver and two passengers) then… Continue reading →
Marcus Michles worked in the trenches for the Florida Justice Association against the law the Supreme Court struck down and continues, along with other attorneys, to claw, fight and earn even more battle scars. Still the odds are daunting. After all, who predicts they will be the victim of malpractice? ”The overwhelming majority of patients (and voters) receive outstanding care, from compassionate and dedicated professionals,” states Michles. ”This does not, and can never, make anyone less responsible for the full measure of damages when … Continue reading →