“Lee”—Husband, Father, Veteran, Worker [VIDEO]

Leighton Parratt is solid—he’s got a firm handshake, an honest spirit, and, an uncanny ability to “break the ice” with a joke. I met Leighton or “Lee” (sewn into the left breast pocket of his work shirt) in the lobby of our Pensacola office on Brent Lane. When asked by one of our staff what he would like to drink, he said, deftly, “whiskey.” After a brief pause, laughter—a calm replaced the palpable, high-strung air of a Thursday afternoon. Lee’s story, marked by hardship, sacrifice, and, finally, reward, makes him a perfect fit as our inaugural “Client Of The Month.”

Lee was born in England, bred in Pace—the son of an Air Force man. After serving seven years in the U.S. Army, where Lee broke his back, following prior surgeries, he spent two years on workman’s comp. Lee hired a Personal Injury attorney from a local firm, and, though he secured leave from work, said his experience was mostly waiting and trying, usually to no avail, to reach his attorney by phone.

Fast-forward five years, Lee, a CDL-certified driver for General Rental Center, a contended family man, was rear-ended at the corner of Spencer Field Road and Highway 90. Other than a scratched bumper, no damage was done to Lee’s vehicle. However the impact force went straight to his back. Lee’s quality of life, to no fault of his own—the Parratt family was en route to the beach—worsened, dramatically. Lee was in constant pain (his coworkers were forced to pick up his slack). At home, he would lie on the floor, taking pressure off his back—he spent entire evenings anchored to his recliner, Sherry (used so often, I assume, she earned a name?). Lee said, when asked about life, post-crash, “It was hard not to wonder what the future will look like.” Lee, the sole-provider, “living hand-to-mouth”, relied on Motrin (between 2500 and 3000 milligrams, daily). “No pills,” Lee said, “I couldn’t take narcotics—I drive for a living.” In fear of losing his job (underperformance resulting from pain) Lee was determined to find help.

Lee knew about Michles and Booth. Delivering heavy equipment across town, he’d seen our billboards and heard our radio ads. Lee’s goals for his case were simple—he wanted his medical bills paid. “It was a process,” Lee said, “but I never felt like I was waiting.” Lee was quick to praise Cynthia Walsh, the paralegal assigned to his case. “She handled all the paperwork,” he said, “appointments, everything.” Lee also received calls from his attorney, Marcus Michles. “We didn’t talk about the case—he asked me how I was doing.” Shocking.

Lee was administered cortisone shots; he’d tried infusions and various surgeries—still in pain. A client committed to recovery, Lee took a chance, pursuing spinal chord stimulation, a treatment achieved by applying an electrical current system to the spot of pain. Lee, however, underwent a procedure where the “neurostimulation” system was implanted underneath his skin. We’re proud to say Lee is pain free. We’re also proud that we were able to secure Lee a sum of money for lost wages, a sum to help Lee and his family regain financial stability. We’re proud of Lee, his persistence, his faith in our work, and, most importantly, his willingness to share his story with us.


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