Committed to the Person, Not the Case

I initially started my legal career as an insurance defense attorney in 2001. I represented insurance companies and fought to limit benefits to injured workers. During that time, I was never fulfilled and mechanically went through the motions, but rarely felt like I had an impact.

Switching Sides: Committing to the Person

After seven years, I decided that I was on the wrong side and switched areas of practice. I started representing injured workers to help them receive the benefits they deserve. I still remember the first client I helped after changing fields. That client immediately and radically changed my life’s perspective. I realized each file represented a person and family and that the work that I did was impactful and significant.

I feel privileged every single day to have the opportunity to help someone in need. It is not easy being a workers’ compensation lawyer. There are other legal fields that earn more money, but I love helping to protect people from systems set against them. There is nothing more rewarding than fighting for people who cannot fight for themselves.

“There is nothing more rewarding than fighting for people who cannot fight for themselves.” – Brian Carter

When I changed focus to represent injured workers, I was surprised at the connection that I felt with clients. I often find that the title “counselor” is more appropriate than “attorney” or “lawyer”. As I point out to my clients, my job is to provide recommendations, opinions and information. However, it is often life that dictates decisions rather than legal. I have had clients cry on my shoulder and settle to help bury a loved one. Each client leaves a specific mark on my life. Each person and each case is unique, and they have created a mosaic of memories over the past years.

I committed a long time ago to the person and not the case – every individual is equal and has immeasurable value. Thus, I try to handle every client the same way, regardless of the monetary value of their claim. My life is blessed to be able to help every client that walks through my door, and I wouldn’t choose any other career.


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