Susan Brown

In December of 2011, after ten years of service to Bass Pro Shops—unloading trucks, serving as a Gun Vault Specialist, tirelessly going the extra mile—Susan suffered a serious neck injury.

“We were lifting product off a truck and I went to turn—and then boom,” Susan said.

Susan’s neck injury resulted in pain, and the harsh realities of life as an injured employee set in. Regardless of how much Susan loved her job, working in pain destroyed her quality of life. And although doctor’s suggested three different surgeries, Susan was unable to receive benefits.

“The insurance company didn’t help,” Susan said, “so a friend suggested I call Michles & Booth.”

One of our finest, Antonio Bruni, who Susan now calls “family”, went to work and has never looked back. After securing Susan compensation, her neck improved following a neck fusion.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience with Michles & Booth,” Susan said.

Following an on-the-job injury to Susan’s knee, and a second workman’s comp claim, Susan endured a long fight to earn social security benefits.

Tonya Payton, our all star paralegal and social security specialist, developed a wonderful friendship with Susan.

“I had doctor’s appointments and paperwork—stuff I didn’t want to deal with. But Tonya took care of me,” Susan said.

Our paralegals pride themselves on efficient communication and service, managing the details while you focus on recovery.

Unable to sleep due to pain and missing the camaraderie of coworkers, Susan’s future was full of uncertainty before coming to Michles & Booth.

“I reached a point where I had to ask for help,” Susan said.

We’re proud to say that Antonio Bruni, Tonya Payton, and our high powered staff, flipped the script of Susan’s life. More mobile, happy, and able to do the things she enjoyed before her injuries, we admire Susan’s tenacity.