Be Informed About "Other" Property Damage in Car Accidents

He wasn’t thinking about his cell phone, or his favorite pair of blue jeans.

In fact, he wasn’t thinking about anything in particular when he was in the car accident. He was just minding his own business, sitting in stopped traffic, when he was rear-ended. But after the trip to the ER and the follow-up visits with his primary care physician, it was time to return to work, and where was that blue shirt that went with everything?

“Other” Property Damage in car accidents

True, clothing or a cell phone are minor things to lose in a car accident. Compared to the medical treatment, medical bills, and missed work, even a broken cell phone is a trivial inconvenience. But did you know that these losses are often recoverable?

Beyond vehicle repair, Property Damage coverage can extend to these “other” property losses. Take a moment and think about it. Did you lose anything in the accident that you will have to pay to replace? If so, make a list and submit it to your Property Damage adjuster.

It pays to be informed.

Sadly, we have all come to fear insurance companies. We don’t want to make a claim for fear that our insurance rates will go up, or our insurance company will drop us.

The reality is that you PAID for the coverage. You PAID for the protection from loss, economic or otherwise, from an accident.

Know your rights, and property damage reimbursement is your right. Ask your insurance claims adjustor about any lost or damaged property, and if you have questions, call Michles & Booth at (800) 848-6168 for a free consultation.


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