On The Job Auto Accidents – Both A Workers Comp and Auto Accident Case

“Don’t Be a Victim Twice.”

The Michles & Booth slogan highlights the sad reality that insurance companies can often inflict harm on auto accident victims with delay tactics, misinformation, or unfair settlement evaluation. When there are multiple insurance carriers involved, this risk of “injury by adjustor” is heightened.

When I joined the law firm of Michles & Booth in January of 2010, I represented injured workers in pursuit of Workers’ Compensation benefits. I learned that the Florida Workers’ Compensation system often favors employers and insurance carriers over injured workers, and valid claims can be delayed and undervalued. Florida’s Workers’ Compensation laws are complex. It is extremely difficult for an injured worker to navigate a denied claim without a lawyer’s assistance, and I have enjoyed helping victims of workplace accidents with their claims.

In 2011, I shifted my focus to motor vehicle accidents and now primarily represent victims of the negligence of others. I have found that insurance companies will typically unfairly value the claims of accident victims without legal representation.

Workers Compensation & Automobile Accidents

While essential to every automobile accident, the need for legal guidance is absolutely essential in cases of on-the-job automobile accidents. There will be three or more insurance companies involved (your car insurance, the negligent driver’s car insurance, and the Workers’ Compensation carrier), and two entirely different court systems with vastly different rights and responsibilities.

If you are injured in an automobile accident while on the clock, you will likely have many questions about medical benefits, wage loss, and of course “who pays for what?” You should be aware of your rights to direct your medical care, of the time deadlines on both cases, and how to best protect your future medical and wage loss needs.

Call me at (800) 848-6168 to schedule a free one-hour consultation, and I will answer any questions you may have about car accident claims, Workers’ Compensation claims, and how the two systems can be optimized to protect your rights, maximize your recovery, and ensure that you are not a victim twice.


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