Lessons Shared From a Recent Car Accident Victim

I was recently involved in an accident where my car was rear-ended and pushed into the vehicle in front of me. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. In fact, I basically “felt fine” despite an impact strong enough to deploy my drivers’ side air bag. However, I would have been out of luck, in terms of medical coverage, for the catch I kept experiencing in my hip over the following months if I had not decided to get checked out by a doctor anyway. The standing personal injury protection law requires that you see a doctor within 14 days of an accident in order for accident related injuries to be covered under your PIP policy.

Understand Your Car Insurance Policy Coverage.

Lesson learned: understand what your insurance policy covers and any related requirements BEFORE you have an accident. I was fortunate to have visited a doctor following my accident, but what about people who don’t know the 14-day requirement? If there’s no doctor visit but injuries surface later than 14 days following an accident, guess who ISN’T responsible? The insurance company!

Know What To Do If In A Car Accident

If you have an accident, always have your insurance information in your glove box. Do not accuse anyone nor accept responsibility for an accident on the scene. Address any injury concerns first and foremost. See a doctor even if you think you feel fine. Take photos before vehicles are moved, and notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible. Protect your rights by not talking to the insurance company of others involved, and definitely do not sign anything, until you have consulted with a reputable auto accident attorney.

Understand your insurance policy and what it covers BEFORE you need to use it. Michles & Booth offer a free review of your policy. Initial consultations following an accident are free as well. Know your rights. Don’t Be a Victim Twice! Visit michlesbooth.com to find the Michles & Booth office location nearest you.


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