I Chose Michles & Booth.

Brenda Brown is one in a million; her warm spirit, and kindness, contagious.

Driven to make others smile, Brenda’s wit might catch you off guard.

“I’ve learned laughter makes people comfortable,” Brenda says.

It’s incredible that a woman who lost five fingers, most of her eyesight, and more, can be so positive. A trained massage therapist, medical assistant, programmer (and more), Brenda made a living with her hands. Everything changed when three men, who escaped from a Louisiana prison, men who would eventually commit murder in Tallahassee, brutally beat Brenda at an apartment complex where she worked. That night, April 1st, 2010, Brenda was prepping a unit for new tenants. Her life would never be the same. Or would it?

Brenda chooses to focus on the good, a way we should all strive to live, not giving power to the men who savagely injured her.

“I won’t allow those men to take more than they did,” Brenda says.

We couldn’t be more honored to name Brenda Brown our Client Of The Month–a woman of great integrity and strength, a woman we’re proud to know.

In addition to her diligence, the work she did to regain strength in her hands, and vision, Brenda worked hard on her case.

Guided by Brian Carter, and his team, Brenda fought a forever shortsighted workman’s comp system, a system that helps as little as possible once creditors and bill collectors start their hunt.

Our advice, call us.

“I’m proof that victims of these types of cases, can have a good experience,” Brenda says.

Today, she has prosthetic fingers, more mobility, and significantly better eyesight.

Hard work at rehabilitation, a reliable law firm, and all the positivity one can muster, worked for Brenda.

“You have to put your faith in whoever you’ve chosen,” Brenda says, “I chose Michles & Booth.”

More amazing than the logistics of her case, or her recovery, is Brenda’s thoughtfulness. When she’s down, she tries to think of others.

“What I have, I can use to help those in need,” Brenda says.

Appreciating the ability to dress herself, and the rich possibilities of a new day, we want to honor Brenda, our hero.

“I tell everyone about you guys,” Brenda says.

It takes courage to ask for help. We’re here.


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