National Burn Week

Stay Safe This National Burn Awareness Week 2021

In a society in which electricity is used to carry out a majority of our daily activities and tasks, it is important to understand that electrical burns can easily result from any contact that a person has with an open current of electricity. These burns can be life-threatening and result in other devastating injuries, especially from high-voltage power sources like power lines. Consequently, the American Burn Association (ABA) has focused National Burn Awareness Week 2021, taking place from February 7th to 13th, on “Electrical Safety from Amps to Zap (A to Z).”

Michles & Booth’s Top Electrical Safety Tips

To help you practice electrical safety this National Burn Awareness Week, our personal injury attorneys at Michles & Booth have compiled a list of our top common-sense electrical burn prevention tips.

  1. Never Insert Metal Objects into Electrical Appliances

The most common example of this is to never stick a metal fork or knife into a toaster to retrieve your morning toast, as the metal can conduct the electrical current running through the toaster coils to your body, causing electrocution.

  1. Do Not Overload Power Outlets

Although power outlets, power strips, and extension cords often have multiple sockets, it is never a good idea to overload them by using up all the available spaces. This can easily cause something to short-circuit and lead to a power outage or, worse, an electrical fire.

  1. Cover Unused Power Outlets

Even if you do not have any children in your place of residence, it is a good idea to cover any unused power outlets with safety covers to decrease the chances of an unsuspecting person or pet accidentally suffering electrical shock. Furthermore, a power outlet cover can prevent debris from getting stuck inside the socket and interfering with it.

  1. Replace Cords Once They Start to Fray

Once the wiring inside cords begin to fray, make sure to stop using them and replace them immediately. This tip is particularly important because many of us have taken the risk before and may think it is fine — nothing could be further from the truth. Old, frayed cords can cause electrical shock and fires.

  1. Clean Out Exhaust Fans Regularly

Exhaust fans are found in many electronic devices, most commonly in computers and laptops. Their purpose is to ensure that the device does not overheat; as such, they may be easily clogged by an accumulation of dust and debris, which stops them from adequately cooling down your device. This can lead the device to overheat and, in the worst-case scenario, start an electrical fire. Therefore, it is more than worth it to spend a few minutes cleaning out your exhaust fans every now and then.

What to Do After Suffering an Electrical Injury

Due to the severity of these injuries, seek emergency medical help immediately after sustaining an electrical burn, the reason being that electrical burns often cause significant damage to one’s internal organs and tissues, which may not be apparent from the outside. Thus, it is best to see a medical professional who can diagnose any internal issues and address them so they do not worsen and become more painful.

Did You Sustain an Electrical Burn Injury?

If you or someone you love has suffered an electrical burn due to another’s negligence in Florida, such as by failing to maintain a safe property or by selling a defective product, Michles & Booth wants to help you recover compensation from the at-fault party. We are fully aware that money cannot make up for your injury, but you may qualify to be compensated for any medical attention and treatment you need to heal and move on with your life.

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