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Drinksgiving: A Cocktail for Car Accidents

Thanksgiving Has Higher DUI Fatality Rates than Average

The night before Thanksgiving has been given several nicknames over the years stemming from the roadway dangers that are especially common on this night—Drinksgiving, Blackout Wednesday, and Danksgiving, to name a few. Drug and alcohol-related collisions tend to increase during this holiday period, with nearly all of the past 30 years recording a higher percentage of DUI accidents than the national average. In 2020, about 29% of driving fatalities during the Thanksgiving holiday involved an alcohol-impaired driver.

Despite the dangers of driving under the influence being heavily publicized and well-known, dozens of impaired drivers get behind the wheel each day. Before heading out to celebrate with family and friends this holiday season, keep this in mind.

How Alcohol Affects Driving Ability

No matter how often you consume alcohol, even one drink can affect your driving ability; still, many drivers don't understand the impacts that an increasing BAC can have. Despite the legal limit in most states being 0.08, research shows that having a BAC at even 0.02 can affect attention and judgment. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration outlines the effects as such:

  • .02 BAC - some loss of judgment, a decline in visual functions (like tracking a moving target), and decreased ability to multitask.
  • .05 BAC - reduced coordination, difficulty steering, and lowered alertness, causing a reduced emergency response.
  • .08 BAC - short-term memory loss, poor muscle coordination, impaired perception, and reduced information processing.
  • .10 BAC - reduced ability to perform basic driving tasks, like maintaining lane positioning and braking.
  • .15 BAC - significant vehicle control impairment, inattentiveness, and decreased visual and auditory processing.

When driving under the influence, you not only put yourself in danger but risk the lives of all others on the road. Although the holiday season can be particularly stressful for various reasons, drinking and driving is never necessary. Avoid preventable DUI accidents by making a backup plan to get home after a night of drinking or stay in the location you are consuming alcohol.

Dedicated to Keeping You Safe

The attorneys at Michles & Booth have a vested interest in your safety and reducing the number of negligent drivers on the road. If you are involved in a collision with an impaired driver this holiday weekend, know that you have a right to compensation for injuries sustained.

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