“Emergency Medical Condition” (EMC) in Car Accident Cases

What is an “emergency medical condition” (EMC) and why is it important to you?

In the State of Florida, Section 627.736, Florida Statutes (2014) says that vehicle owners must carry personal injury protection insurance, known as PIP. PIP insurance will pay 80% of your medical bills arising out of a car accident, but the limit of how much the insurance company is responsible for depends on whether you are found to have an emergency medical condition (EMC).

So what is an emergency medical condition? Section 395.002(8), Florida Statutes (2014), defines it as a medical condition that involves acute symptoms, including pain, that are serious enough to where medical treatment is needed to avoid serious jeopardy to your health, among other things.

A PIP policy will pay up to $2,500.00 in medical expenses, even without the finding that you have an emergency medical condition. However, if a physician, a physician’s assistant, a dentist, or an advanced registered nurse practitioner finds that you have an emergency medical condition, PIP coverage will pay up to $10,000.00 in medical benefits that arise out of your car accident. Section 627.736(1)(a)(3), Florida Statutes (2014).

Everybody knows how quickly medical bills pile up, how expensive medical treatment can be, and how quickly $2,500.00 can disappear when you are dealing with health care. It’s important to see somebody sooner-than-later about your injuries from a car accident. Without seeing the right health care provider, you might be leaving your benefits on the table.

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