How Do Photos Help a Personal Injury Case?

If you have ever met with an automobile accident attorney, you have probably been asked if you took any pictures at the scene of the accident. All too often, car accident victims have not and that is a mistake. In a day and age where nearly every cell phone has a camera, taking a few minutes to photograph the scene and the cars involved can often help your auto accident attorney prove your case and maximize your recovery.

Of the Crash

First, take a picture of the crash itself, before you move the vehicles. You want to preserve the scene in case law enforcement, an insurance company, or even a jury has questions about how the accident happened. Pictures are the best evidence of what happened and can be vital if the at-fault driver tries to deny responsibility. Our automobile accident attorneys have represented clients in countless cases where the at-fault driver got a ticket and later changed their story, and where our clients have taken pictures of the scene, it helps us prove that the Defendant is trying to avoid responsibility, because it is hard to explain away a photograph clearing showing the crash. Without a photograph, it’s two drivers with different stories.

Of Every Car

Second, make sure to take pictures of every car involved in the crash. It has been our experience that insurance companies believe there is a correlation between the damage to a car and a person’s injuries. Having pictures of the damage to all the cars can help a jury understand just how traumatic a crash was. Some courts also require Plaintiffs present evidence from “biomechanical” experts, who are witnesses that testify about the forces exerted on our clients from a crash. Without photographs of the cars, it may be impossible for these witnesses to formulate their opinions, which could impact your ability to present your case.

Of the Scene

Finally, photographs of the accident scene and your vehicle can help document the damage to your vehicle. Insurance companies often argue that damage to your car was not caused by the accident, so having pictures of the scene or your car that same day will help prove the damage caused by the crash. You should not be responsible for paying out of your own pocket for damage caused by another driver, but the burden is on you to prove what the damage is.

The automobile accident attorneys at Michles & Booth only represent the victims of automobile accidents and have a full staff of investigators to help protect evidence for our clients, but it is important that everyone involved in an accident act quickly to ensure that nothing is lost. So if you or a loved one are in an automobile accident, take a few moments to pull out your phone and take as many pictures as you can of the scene and the cars. And, contact our attorneys today for a free consultation if you or your loved ones have been victim of another driver’s negligence.


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