5 Things to Know About How Insurance Companies Deal with Motorcycle Accidents

As a twenty-five year insurance adjuster in Florida, I think I can give you some idea of why insurance adjusters love handling motorcycle accidents. While all of these are not necessarily accurate statements, it is what insurance adjusters are thinking, and you need to be aware of it if you or a loved one has been in a motorcycle accident.

PIP Doesn’t Apply.

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) does not apply to motorcycles. That means insurance companies are not constrained by PIP law in motorcycle accident cases. They don’t have to wait for an injured person to meet an injury threshold before a cash settlement can be offered.

“A Motorcyclist Cares More About His Bike Than His Body.”

Over and over again, adjusters are told that a motorcyclist cares more about his motorcycle than he does his body, otherwise he would not be riding a motorcycle. In face-to-face post-accident meetings, adjusters will likely emphasize that “you want to get that beautiful bike repaired as soon as possible” to entice the insured to settle.

Praise and Flattery Help Ease The Settlement Decision.

Adjusters praise the rider for his free lifestyle, wind in his hair and sun on his face. The more praise adjusters can heap upon the rider, the easier they believe the settlement discussions will be.

“The Settlement Can Be Used To Upgrade The Motorcycle.”

Adjusters handling motorcycle accident cases may suggest to the insured that the settlement offer can be used to upgrade the motorcycle. “With the money I am giving you today, you can shop for the bike you really want.”

A Lump Sum Amount For Both Injuries and Damages.

Adjusters will likely offer an amount of money that is both the personal injury and property damage portion of the claim combined. By lumping these two amounts together, the adjuster creates attractive bait that the motorcyclist may find hard to resist.

Key Take Away

If I were still an adjuster and could have my choice of claims to handle, I would say, “Give me only motorcycle claims.” These were “slam dunk” kinds of cases.

Now, here is what the motorcycle rider should be thinking. “Why is this adjuster so friendly? Why does all of this seem so easy?” These are red flags that should be popping up in your head for a reason. If you think you need some advice from an outside source, schedule a free consultation with one of the motorcycle accident lawyers with Michles & Booth by calling (800) 848-6168.


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