Do you know the conflict of interest with Workers' Comp?

Jeff Sessions has a strong handshake and an unwavering love for his community. He speaks with conviction and gives credit where credit is due. In regards to Cynthia Walsh, one of Michles & Booth’s expert paralegals, he says, “She deserves the highest accolades, really. She was phenomenal–absolutely outstanding.”

Built like a ballplayer with a gravelly, yet, warm voice, Jeff’s mere presence demands attention. Formerly with the Santa Rosa County Tax Collector’s Office, he now serves as an Escambia County land appraiser. No longer “in the field”, Jeff sits at a computer all day – not ideal for someone with a history of thoracic back pain. Luckily, Jeff asked for help before it was too late.

Driving to the bank (on the job), Jeff was hit by a conversion van moving forty-five miles per hour. After the shock of a five car pile-up wore off, Jeff suffered severe pain.

Seeking medical treatment via workers’ comp insurance, Jeff spent a year fighting the system. He spent two thousand dollars, out of pocket, on massage therapy, endured poor scheduling and miscommunication and a terrible string of referrals.

The first doctor told Jeff to roll a tennis ball up and down his back–competent care or do-it-your-self care? In three visits, that doctor never scheduled an MRI or X-Ray nor prescribed Jeff any medication. Unsatisfied, Jeff wrote the insurance company handling his case, and under the law, was assigned a new doctor.

The second doctor, better, ordered an MRI and located a bulged disc in Jeff’s back. Regardless of doctor two’s effectiveness, he’s merely a good player managed by a bad team. Eventually, Jeff was referred to another doctor for an epidural shot–a doctor Marcus Michles would eventually tell Jeff he would be brave to go see.

Being pragmatic, Jeff had figured he would “use that benefit” his employer provided, a “benefit” that came out of his paycheck every other week: workers’ comp. When asked about his hesitation to hire a lawyer, Jeff said, “I was sadly mistaken about how the insurance company would handle things.”

After a year long, uphill battle, Jeff called Marcus Michles.

Today, other than infrequent back cramps, Jeff feels much better. Michles & Booth secured Jeff epidural shots, reliable treatment, and counsel. Jeff felt more at ease, his case in Marcus Michles’ hands, and his back in the hands of “the two best doctors on the Panhandle.” Accidents happen, yes, but your path to recovery should be anything but.

In the end a radio frequency nerve ablation was most successful for Jeff–a procedure that, depending on the individual, has to be repeated every twelve to sixteen months. Michles & Booth is proud to say it connected Jeff with competent care, and put him in a position to utilize that care in the future: spending money and compensation for Jeff’s medical bills which totaled nearly fifty-thousand dollars.

Jeff says, “There’s a conflict of interest with workers’ comp–the doctors work for the insurance company. They get paid to protect them.” Michles & Booth is not in the business of “protection” or cutting costs. Michles & Booth is in the business of putting you in a position to recover.

The lesson of this story: stick to your convictions and demand competent care. You have two years from the date of your accident to file a claim–let the attorneys of Michles & Booth help.


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