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How Do Insurance Adjusters Minimize Claims After a Car Accident?

Insurance adjusters, also known as claims adjusters, have a significant role in the aftermath of a car accident. Their responsibility is to assess the damage, determine the liability and, most importantly, decide how much the insurance company should pay for the claim. In essence, they act as the insurance company’s representative in settling the claim. Keep reading for what you need to know about this process, courtesy of Michles & Booth, P.A..

Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters to Minimize Claims

There are many tactics that insurance adjusters may employ to minimize claims. One common approach is disputing the extent of the injuries or damages sustained. They may argue that medical treatments were excessive or unnecessary, or that damages were pre-existing. Another tactic used is delaying the claim process. This is often done in the hopes that the claimant will become frustrated and accept a lower settlement.

The Importance of Documentation and Evidence

To counter these tactics, it is crucial for claimants to have robust documentation and evidence. This includes medical records, invoices, photographs of the damage, and witness testimonies. The more comprehensive and compelling your evidence, the stronger your claim will be.

Legal Assistance in Navigating Insurance Claims

While it is possible to negotiate with an insurance adjuster independently, having a knowledgeable attorney can provide a significant advantage. They can help challenge any attempts to minimize the claim, negotiate a fair settlement, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

Michles & Booth, P.A. Is On Your Side

Bottom line, while insurance adjusters have the job of minimizing claims, understanding their tactics and being prepared can greatly increase the chances of receiving a fair settlement. Always remember to document everything and consider seeking legal assistance to navigate the complexities of insurance claims.

At Michles & Booth, P.A., we’re here to help you if you ever encounter the unfortunate situation of a car accident. Our personal injury attorneys have years of experience dealing with car crash cases and always work hard to safeguard your rights and pursue the compensation you deserve when you need it most.

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